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Berroco Vintage Cardigan Finished


If you’ll recall, I was once pondering what type of stripe pattern to use for a Berroco Vintage Cardigan. I finally just up and did it. Here’s what I came up with.

WP_20151018_10_50_14_Pro WP_20151018_10_50_31_Pro

I’m very happy with how it came out, but I will warn you though that I found the Berroco Vintage to have a lot of give. It worries me a little that I might stretch out the button holes.

I’ve gotten better at my shaping and I think next time I’m going to dare to shape a little closer to the underarm. There seems to be a bit too much fabric right there directly under my arm before the decreases start.

I thought about doing a different design on the collar, but I really like the simple short ribbed collar and it especially looks good if you’re using the same color of the neck hole. I’ve found that I don’t like trying to pick up a collar with a different color. It never looks as seamless as I want.

This came out so awesome that I want another so I’m going to measure this one to be sure I get the same result. I picked some black, white and sakura pink (sadly the pink isn’t them same dye lot as I would have liked, but they’re machine dyed and look extremely close… I don’t know how much non-knitters really notice differences in dye lots unless one is vastly darker or more vivid than the other. I’ll be striping it anyways). I might do a different stripe pattern for it, I’m not sure



I know I’ve been relatively quiet. It didn’t take long for life to get hectic during the summer months. Then you have the start of school for the kids and you feel like you’re on a roller coaster that doesn’t stop.

During that time I’ve been bogged down by a baby blanket that took a while but I did finish two beautiful cardigans, which I plan to post about soon.

As the winter and holiday season is fast approaching, I’m considering if I want to make gifts again this year. I do have three gift items on my to-do list but they’re for the closest of family members who have no issue asking for such things.

As for everyone else, I’m not sure how much they enjoy such gifts versus a gift card.

Does anyone else wonder if such handmade gifts are truly appreciated? I mean, everyone is always so nice about receiving them, but maybe you never see them wear those gifts?

I’d love to know if I’m not alone in wondering this if you’d care to share.



… means there are no excuses!

Lately, I’ve had plenty of excuses as to why to put off my knitting, but with a 48 hour blackout, there are no more excuses to put off my projects (other than sundown lol).

It reminded me that I haven’t posted on my blog in some time and I should share what I’ve been learning lately.

Beach Diamond Cardigan:

I’m still working on my cotton blend cardigan and thanks to the blackout, I’m nearly done.


I had three colors for this cardigan and I wanted to make it a warmer weather cardigan so I added this diamond stitch.

What I learned so far…

The diamond stitch is actually upside down because I’m knitting from top to bottom but I knitted the lace pattern from bottom to top… I had to run with it and I think it looks nice, but I think I would have preferred to knit the lace pattern upside down to match the direction of the cardigan.

Color-wise, I used big stripes so the lace design wouldn’t get too lost in smaller stripes and would make it too busy BUT I believe I should have added a thin stripe of the dark tanin in between the beige and shell (in the two times they touch) .

I’m running out of shell (light blue) so I believe I’m going to be making the sleeves 3/4 and probably give them long ribbed cuffs so they cling well to my forearms.

I’m still nervous about picking up stitches for a button band – which I want to be shell IF I have enough left over. I hope I do. I might even do the button band before I finish to sleeves because I do have a little tanin left over and I’d rather see that on the sleeves than the button band.


The pattern I used for this cardigan is from Ann Budd’s book The Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters.. and though it can be a little hard to follow, its wonderful for making good fitting sweaters. There are charts that help you determine the cast-on and stitch counts based on your body size and the gauge of your yarn… extremely useful.

Next, I’ll be posting about a new blanket I started.



I recently saw a request on Facebook for lap blankets needed for a local area hospital. Simple blankets 3 feet by 5 feet are very welcome comfort for terminally ill and cancer patients.

At first, I wanted to leap onto this, but it can take me quite a while to create even a simple throw blanket and normally (like now) I’m backed up with projects due to other people and things I’d like to get done for myself. Despite the good cause and the heart felt want to contribute, I found myself torn.

On what would seem like an unrelated subject, I’ve been very spiritual lately. While trying to ‘reconnect’ through some inspirational reading and I stumbled upon some passages and actually had an impact on this little issue of mine.

You will not attain unto righteousness until you spend of that which you love. And whatsoever you spend, God is Aware


None of you has faith until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.

This rang out painfully true and I realized that the lovely cardigan I might want to make for myself is something I should want to give to another, especially another in need.

While learning to knit, I have made oodles of things for myself. Partly, it was due to the idea that none were quite good enough to give as a gift, but I still loved them. What I love is surely going to be loved by another especially if they could really use it.

I have resolved to go through my stack of finished objects and give where I can. A friend of mine made me aware that certain churches love to collect hats for the homeless – I got plenty of those. I plan to donate some, and some shawls, and make a blanket for the hospital. If anyone would like information on that hospital, I can give you a link.

Hats, hats, and more hats…


All these artic blasts have had me knitting up new hats for the boys, plus a few for myself to wear this season. On top of that, I’ve gotten extra requests from friends and friends of friends.

I really do love knitting hats. They’re so quick and you can do all sorts of designs and styles with them. They’re also good for boys or girls and never take up too much yarn. I’ve even started designing some new styles.

My 2014 collection for myself. Left to right: Patons Classic Worsted Wool... just had fun with colorwork, Patons ColorWul... basic but super thick and warm, Malabrigo Twist... my own design with a little lace pattern.

My 2014 collection for myself. Left to right: Patons Classic Worsted Wool… just had fun with colorwork, Patons ColorWul… basic but super thick and warm, Malabrigo Twist… my own design with a little lace pattern.

WP_20141113_15_51_07_Pro 1

Merino wool hat made for a friend with 2×2 rib and two rows of eyelet lace.


Erik (left) wearing Malabrigo Twist simple stripes. Adam (right) with Berroco Vintage in a dense diamond pattern I created.