Knitters Pride Dreamz Circular Starter Set



Before I talk about these awesome needles, let me tell you what I had to deal with being a beginner with no real teacher to speak of.

When I started knitting I soon realized that I had made a bad choice in my first needles. I loved my metal crochet hooks so I decided on traditional looking long metal needles. To my surprise the metal needles were extremely slippy and the wrong type for a flat-out novice like myself. Still, I soldiered on and was able to make use of them.

When someone said circular needles were the way to go, I tried a similar fixed metal set and I royally hated them. The plastic strip was too stiff and the needles curved slightly at the ends. I kept loosing my grip on them or the cable would flip up into my way.

After complaining about them a couple times, a good friend turned me on to Knitters Pride circular needles. The good people at Hooked helped get my hands on the Dreamz Starter Set and they really are a dream.

I was afraid to work with needles that were so small because I had felt that it was the small size of that first metal circular set that had me loosing my grip. However, the small size is no issue at all, in fact, I feel like I hold the needles in a much more proper position.

The Dreamz style are a very durable wood and I love it that they are never cold and have a strong hard polish to them. They feel as if they’re going to last me a life time.

One slight issue is the fact that these are interchangeable and the needles seem to come unscrewed a little, but perhaps that’s because I fear tightening them too much. It might just be something I need to get use to.


3 thoughts on “Knitters Pride Dreamz Circular Starter Set

    • jillannbal

      I was worried about grinding them with tight knitting, but they hold up really well! Don’t be afraid. If they break early then perhaps there was something wrong with them. If that happens I’m sure you can return/exchange them.

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